Alarms and Notifications

AWS Cloudwatch alarms are fully integrated with Ylastic and you can get notifications for any Cloudwatch alarm in any region to email, twitter or SMS. SMS can be sent to any US or most international numbers.

New Alarm

  • New Alarms : Create a Cloudwatch Alarm in Ylastic, and click a button to choose integration with Ylastic - We take care of setting up all of the plumbing in order to make that integration happen. We create SNS topic and register Ylastic to listen to notifications to that topic. Whenever your alarm change state, a notification will be sent to ALL users in your Ylastic account who elect to receive notifications.

  • Existing Alarms : Modify the alarm in Ylastic and click the button to integrate it with Ylastic.

Integrate Alarm

You can view detailed cloudwatch charts for the AWS resource for which you have an alarm, as well as a quick overview of how that resource is currently performing. You can enable/disable alarm actions, view details of each alarm, modify the alarm, view ALL the alarms in ALL the regions in one place, filter by region, filter by text.

Alarm Actions

The whole process has been simplified down to one single step. Once the alarm is integrated with Ylastic, all users in your Ylastic account will receive notification for the alarm. If any users do not want to receive notifications, they can just disable it for their user account by unselecting the notifications checkbox on the Ylastic Settings page.

Alarm Settings

You can view and filter all the notifications for every cloudwatch alarm integrated with Ylastic, along with the addresses that were used for notification. All the information is in one place, easy to access and search.

New Alarm

Check it out and let us know what you think!