Complex backup policies

Ylastic provides different kinds of tasks that can be scheduled for backing up various kinds of AWS resources. We extended those tasks with the ability to setup more complex backup policies. For example, you can now setup tasks to backup EBS volumes hourly, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, and so on, with EACH of those tasks having different backup retention numbers . What that means is that you can make backups of the same volume and retain different numbers of backups depending on the kind of backup.

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Setting this up is as simple as adding one of the tags recognized by Ylastic, to the name of your task. Then add the scheduled time you want the task to run. Here is a task that performs backups of RDS database every day. When this task runs on a schedule, it will ONLY prune and retain backups that were created by this specific task.

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In this release, you can add any of these tags to your task names:

  • [HOURLY]
  • [3HOURS]
  • [6HOURS]
  • [12HOURS]
  • [DAILY]
  • [WEEKLY]